The Money Book 2017

Editor’s Letter
As the pages of our inaugural Money Book show, Los Angeles is the king of the middle market. The region had by some estimates generated nearly a trillion dollars of economic activity last year, the bulk of coming from the hundreds and hundreds of small- and mid-sized businesses that call Los Angeles home.
That vibrant community of business is in constant churn – new businesses are starting up, growing businesses are expanding, and mature businesses are on the hunt for acquisitions or, perhaps, to be acquired. The people who fill these pages are the ones who make those things happen. They seed innovative tech companies, provide construction lending for expansion, manage the wealth that is created in the process, and so much more.
To come up with the names included in this book, we asked our reporters who the finance players on their beats were, we looked at the lists we produce each week, and we checked in with well-connected friends and associates.
The result is the first – if not the most definitive – accounting of the people who make business in Los Angeles hum. We expect this will prove to be a valuable resource and look forward to engaging with you as we continue to chronicle the deals that make Los Angeles such an exciting place to do business and the dealmakers who make them happen.
The information on these pages was current as of January 2017 and will be updated in our January 2018 edition.

Jonathan Diamond
Editor, Digital and Signature Publications