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Leaders of Influence: Investment Bankers

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Welcome to the 2020 installment of our annual roundup of some of the best and most successful investment bankers in the region. In these pages, you’ll find profiles describing many of the genuine leading lights in a profession that has become more important than ever – and a snapshot of what make them great.


Letter from the Publisher

Josh Schimmels

Leaders of Influence: Investment Bankers
Adam Abramowitz – Intrepid Investment Bankers
Carolyn Armitage – Echelon Partners
David Bonrouhi – Calabasas Capital
Diane Cabo – CriticalPoint Partners
Alexander Lee Cappello – Cappello Global LLC
Sherry Cefali – Duff & Phelps
Burke Dempsey – Wedbush Securities
Arash Farin – Sage Group
Nicole Fry – Cascadia Capital
Janki Gandhi – Goldman Sachs
Lloyd Greif – Greif & Co.
Michael Guzman – B. Riley Securities, Inc.
Channing Hamlet – Objective Capital Partners
David J. Iannini – William & Henry Associate
Salomon Kamalodine – B. Riley Securities, Inc.
Karan Kapoor – Pagemill Partners
Andrew W. Kline – Park Lane IBS
Neha Krishnamohan – Goldman Sachs
Karen Miles – Houlihan Lokey
Joel Montminy – Montminy & Co.
Steve Moon – Duff & Phelps Securities, LLC
Joe Morgan – D.A. Davidson & Co.
Brandon Quartararo – Intrepid Investment Bankers
Gary Rabishaw – Intrepid Investment Bankers
Nishen Radia – FocalPoint Partners, LLC
Daniel Shea – Objective Capital Partners
Aaron Solganick – Solganick & Co.
Rajesh Sood – FocalPoint Partners, LLC
Nia Stefani – Xnergy Financial
Duane K. Stullich – FocalPoint Partners, LLC
George Swain – GeorgeSwain Investments
Matt Young – CriticalPoint Partners

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