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Top Doctors Los Angeles


Custom Content from the Los Angeles Business Journal

Not only do they help our society live healthier, they also happen to be good business people with great business stories. That’s why doctors are no strangers to the pages of the Los Angeles Business Journal.

Whatever the economic climate, there is always a need for good healthcare – and the doctors are the essential ingredient of an industry that is always in demand. It makes sense that we’d pause at least once per year to celebrate their individual and collective achievements. We have set aside this special section of the Los Angeles Business Journal to shine a spotlight on some of those doctors that have made particular strides in helping the people in Los Angeles receive better healthcare. Whatever the effort – be it saving lives, conducting pivotal research, or managing the preventive care efforts of our region’s hectic citizens…it is all appreciated!

Fahed Bitar – Citrus Valley Health Partners
David Cannom – Good Samaritan Hospital
Ashkan Ehdaie – Cedars-Sinai
Ali Morshedi Meibodi – Centinela Hospital Medical Center
Leslie Saxon – Keck Medicine of USC

Magdi Alexander – Huntington Hospital & Methodist Hospital of Southern Californial
Samuel Kashani – Valley Presbyterian Hospital
Simon Keushkerian – Glendale Adventist Medical Center
Stephen Sener – Keck Medicine of USC

Richard Frieder – Providence Saint John’s
Michael Frields – Glendale Adventist Medical Center
Mehdi Kebria – City of Hope
Edward Tangchitnob – Citrus Valley Health Partners
Steve Vasilev – Providence Saint John’s Health Center and Professor at John Wayne Cancer Institute

Mike Y. Chen – City of Hope
Claudia Muñoz – Citrus Valley Health Partners
John S. Yu – Cedars-Sinai

Tanya Barauskas Dorff – City of Hope
Patricia Ganz – UCLA
Christy Russell – Keck Medicine of USC
Marilou Terpenning – Providence St. John’s Health Center

Gregory J. Adamson – Huntington Hospital, Congress Orthopaedic Associates
Earl Warren Brien – Cedars Sinai Medical Center
Todd Dietrick – Huntington Hospital, Congress Orthopaedic Associates
Mark J. Jo – Huntington Orthopedics
Jay Lieberman – Keck Medicine of USC
Pamela Luk – Congress Orthopaedic Associates, Methodist Hospital of Southern California
Vahe R. Panossian – Huntington Orthopedics and Huntington Hospital

Bhavana Arora – Children’s Hospital Los Angeles
Robert H. Cho – Shriners For Children Medical Center
Andre Panossian – Shriners For Children Medical Center
Mona Patel – Children’s Hospital Los Angeles in the Department of General Pediatrics

Andrew Louis Da Lio – UCLA
Garth Fisher – Private Practice
Mort Rizvi – Huntington Orthopedics & White Memorial
Jeffrey L. Rosenberg – Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and Good Samaritan Hospital

Michael Agress – Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center
Vivien K. Burt – UCLA Health System
Steven Siegel – Keck Medicine of USC
Peter C. Whybrow – UCLA

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