Magdi AlexanderHuntington Hospital, Methodist Hospital of Southern Californial

Dr. Magdi Alexander has over 18 years of surgical experience and many certifications in advanced surgical procedures. Such expertise not only involves Advanced Laparoscopy and General Surgery; but also multiple sub-specialties. Examples include breast surgery, colo-rectal surgery, vascular surgery, wound surgery, and soft tissue & flap surgery. He prides himself on his surgical judgment, considerable surgical technical ability, and maintaining competence in the latest cutting edge procedures. Dr. Alexander has numerous surgical publications and numerous accolades to his credit. Included in his repertoire is the coveted Huntington Surgical Teacher of the Year Award, America’s Top Surgeon’s Award, Patient Choice Awards, and Physician of the Year Award. He also has held numerous medical administrative posts including Chairman of General Surgery, Chairman of Vascular, Chairman of Thoracic Surgery, Medical Director of General Surgery, Chairman of Medical Ethics, Peer Review Delegate to Trauma Services, and Quality Management & Peer Review Committee member.

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