Top Lenders in Los Angeles


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Letter from the Publisher

Anna Magzanyan

For business owners in the county, there is no shortage of customers, patrons and clients. Perhaps the biggest challenge of running a restaurant, tech startup, entertainment company, or other business in Los Angeles is finding a loyal audience in the crowd and continually reaching them.
New businesses are always opening and contending with the veterans of the area for more market share. For those businesses who have successfully navigated their first four quarters or more, staying profitable can still be a challenge without a constant push to innovate and adapt.
Being the hotbed for creative and innovation-driven new businesses that Los Angeles is, it’s no surprise that many of the country’s foremost lending professionals live and work here. From an influx of nominations and suggestions, the Los Angeles Business Journal staff has selected some of the very best of them to be featured in this special supplement. We hope you read with interest the profiles of these outstanding financial stewards, along with some basic information about their careers, practice and some relevant recent projects they’ve been involved with.

Top Lenders in Los Angeles
Dean Aloe – CDC Small Business Finance
Bita Ardalan – Union Bank
Jason Baker – Pacific Western Bank
Claudia Bodan – Commercial Bank of California
Patrick Crandall – Pacific Western Bank
Jennifer Davis – TMC Financing
Jacky Dilfer – Business Finance Capital
Gene Dunford – Umpqua Bank
Nick Eskandari – Key Bridge Capital
Brandon J.E. Ferrera – Fifth Third Bank
Larry Grantham – Calmwater Capital
Greg Haddad – 1st Century Bank
Dena Harte – City National Bank
James Haskell – City National Bank
Richard Katzberg – Union Bank
Kiyoun Kim – IDB Bank
James Kim – Luther Burbank Savings
David Macdonald – WNB Commercial
Armen Madatyan – CDC Small Business Finance
Rachel Magner – IDB Bank
Alexa Mizrahi – Lone Oak Fund
Carlos Payan – 1st Century Bank
Ira Pinsker – IDB Bank
Paul Rahimian – Parkview Financial
Carlos Ramos – WNB Commercial
Jason Song – City National Bank
Nicole D. swain – First Choice Bank
Jalal Taby – Comerica Bank
Finley Taylor – Union Bank
Johanna Traynor – Lone Oak Fund
Thomas Whitesell – Pacific Western Bank