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Los Angeles Business Journal Innovation Special Report 2018

Los Angeles has always been an incubator for innovative business ideas. The Los Angeles Business Journal’s Innovation Special Report takes a look at 20 companies across many industries that are developing new technologies and business practices to solve problems and simplify processes — from diagnosing brain injuries using noninvasive methods to moving people from point A to point B at 200 miles per hour. These companies are looking to build better batteries and robots that cook. They are putting office access in the palm of employees’ hands and are finding practical business applications for virtual reality technology. These companies’ capabilities to create new ideas and products are one of the remarkable aspects of L.A.’s business community.

Hyperloop Hub: Virgin Hyperloop Headlines Futuristic Transportation Tech’s L.A. Ties

Planting their Flag: Fifth Wall Ventures Connects Legacy Real Estate Firms With Tech Startups

Order Out of Chaos: Canter’s Deli Scion Helps Restaurants Handle Delivery Glut

Robo Chef: Miso Robotics Gets Out of the Lab and Into the Kitchen

Brain Gains: Neural Analytics Makes Waves With Portable Brain Scan Headset

Space Brokers: Warehouse Exchange Finds Niche in Cargo Storage Industry

Training Wheels: Talespin Uses VR to Help Companies Train Employees

Many Happy Returns: Company Makes Sending Back an E-commerce Purchase Simple

Second Sight: Second Spectrum Gives Live Insights to NBA Fans

Inspire’s Energy Experiment: Flat Rates Billed as ‘Subscription Service’

Coordinated Care: 123 Home Care Alleviates Pressure on Patients, Medical Facilities

Easy Access: Openpath Looks to Make Building Security More Efficient

Breaking the Code: H Code Finds Voice in Hispanic Market

Processing Paper: Laserfiche is Trying to Put an End to Physical Record-Keeping

Versatility Key for Thor: Electric Trucks, Next-Gen Batteries, Modular Chassis

DxTerity Stays Nimble: Customized Blood Test-Maker Moves Into Autoimmune Arena

Farm to Family: Milk and Eggs Delivers Farm-Fresh Goods Direct to Consumers

Cooking Up Cash: Kitchen United Sees Fortunes Rise With Food Delivery Boom

Digital Domain: GoDigital Media Tracks Where Web Content Used

Powering Forward: Romeo Power Breaks Mold on Car Batteries


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