Most Influential Investment Bankers


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Letter from the Publisher

Anna Magzanyan


Jeffrey Ahlholm - AGRA Capital Advisors
Chris Bandouveris - CenterPoint M&A Advisors
Scott Berejikian - CenterPoint M&A Advisors
David Bonrouhi - Calabasas Capital
Kevin T. Burke - Trinity Capital LLC
John Calcagnini - Stout
Nicole Fry - Cascadia
Michael Garcia - Intrepid Investment Bankers
Scott Geftman - The Sage Group
Frank Grant - Solganick & Co.
Lloyd Greif - Greif & Co.
Brian Hannan - AGRA Capital Advisors
David Iannini - William & Henry Associates
John Joliet - American Discovery Capital
Andrew Kline - Park Lane
Brian Little - Duff & Phelps
Joel Montminy - Creo | Montminy & Co.
Christopher Park - Intrepid Investment Bankers
Bruce Pompan - Clear Capital Advisors
Nishen Radia - FocalPoint Partners, LLC
Aaron Solganick - Solganick & Co.
Rajesh Sood - FocalPoint Partners, LLC
Duane Stullich - FocalPoint Partners, LLC
George Swain - GeorgeSwain Investments
Brian Webber - American Discovery Capital
Paul Weisbrich - D.A. Davidson & Co.
Jonathan Zucker - Intrepid Investment Bankers