Influential Investment Bankers


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The right investment banker does more than provide an infusion of cash for your business. He or she – and the institution they represent – can genuinely prepare your organization (with the right resources, capital and guidance) for the next level of growth and beyond.

There are some truly outstanding professionals making up the Los Angeles investment banking landscape. We’ve listed some of the best here, along with some basic information about their careers, practice and some relevant recent projects they’ve been involved with.

Congratulations to the trailblazing professionals who made this list and thank you for your contributions to the local business community’s success.
Jonathan Bluth
Alexander Cappello
Ryan Caswell
Michael Cavallaro
Jim Freedman
Lloyd Greif
Ed Han
David Iannini
Salomon Kamalodine
Andrew W. Kline
Joel Montminy
Nishen Radia
Mark Salter
Aaron Solganick
Rajesh Sood
Matthew Spain
Duane K. Stullich
George Swain
Cary H. Thompson
Eric Winthrop
Charlie Woo
Jonathan Zucker