The Most Influential Intellectual Property Attorneys in Los Angeles


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As the legal landscape continues to evolve in terms of intellectual property and licensing law, the Los Angeles Business Journal once again has focused the spotlight on some of the region’s leading IP attorneys. There are some particularly stellar IP attorneys in the LA region and we’ve alphabetically listed 30 of the best of them here, along with some basic information about their careers, practice and some relevant recent successes they’ve achieved. Congratulations to the attorneys who made this list and thank you for working to keep the people and businesses ofLos Angeles on the right track!

Presenting the Most Influential IP Attorneys in L.A.
Charles S. Barquist
Wayne Barsky
Linda M. Burrow
Vincent H. Chieffo
Morgan Chu
Michelle Cooke
Robyn C. Crowther
Katherine Dugdale
Marc A. Fenster
Evan Finkel
Craig Gelfound
Tamerlin J. Godley
Valerie Goo
Kent Goss
Andrei Iancu
Mitch Kamin
Kelly M. Klaus
Jason Lo
Todd M. Malynn
Marc E. Mayer
Darrell Miller
Karin Pagnanelli
Julian K. Petty
Jill Pietrini
Kent Raygor
Dylan Ruga
Mark Scarsi
Daniel Scott Schecter
Laura D. Smolowe
Bob Steinberg
Stephen J. Strauss
Timothy Toohey
Samuel Watkins
David N. Weiss
Ryan Yagura

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