Most Influential Wealth Managers


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Letter from the Publisher
Anna Magzanyan
The practice of wealth management has developed significantly in recent years as a result of growth of affluence worldwide. The recent developments in the fintech market have helped to open up new private wealth management products and services to people with smaller amounts of disposable income. Those factors are also an indicator of just how important a role wealth managers play in our overall financial landscape. For this issue, we’ve reviewed the careers of many of the most notable wealth management professionals in the region and have selected some of the very best to be showcased here. Listed alphabetically, you’ll find some of Los Angeles’ leading experts on the subject, along with some basic information about their careers and specialties.

Congratulations to each of the superb professionals who made this list and thank you for your contributions to the local financial business community’s success.

Best regards,
Anna Magzanyan
CEO & Publisher


Joseph P. Alexopoulos - Aequitas Wealth Management
Matthew Ayers - Alex Brown, a Division of Raymond James
Brett Bartman - RBC Wealth Management
James Berliner - Westmount Asset Management, LLC
David Clausen - Northwestern Mutual
Randy C. Conner - Churchill Management Group
Jeremy Dicker - One Wealth Management
Hayley Dickson - Northwestern Mutual
Joshua Fein - AdvicePeriod
Ross Gerber - Gerber Kawasaki Wealth and Investment Management
Catherine Gerst - Avitas Wealth Management
Tracey Gluck - JP Morgan Securities
Greg Heller - HCR Wealth Advisors
Derek Holman - EP Wealth Advisors
Brian D. Holmes - Signature Estate & Investment Advisors
Kyle W. Jones - Aequitas Wealth Management
Michelle Katzen - HCR Wealth Advisors
Danilo Kawasaki, CFP - Gerber Kawasaki Wealth and Investment Management
Max Kayajanian - Oakwood Capital Management LLC
Gregory P. Kushner - Lido Advisors, LLC
Alev Lewis - Acacia Wealth Advisors - High Tower
Sarah M. Lewis - Aequitas Wealth Management
Simone Liu - Wells Fargo Advisors
Bruce Mandel - Oakwood Capital Management LLC
Brent M. Mason - Mason & Associates, Inc.
Ed Moyzes - Northwestern Mutual
Brian Parker - EP Wealth Advisors
Erik Ridgley, CFA - Salem Partners Wealth Management
Donald L Schwarz - RBC Wealth Management
Ryan Serrecchia - EP Wealth Advisors
Eric Taslitz - Avitas Wealth Management
Todd Walklett - Covington Capital Management
Steve Weinberger - HCR Wealth Advisors

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