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Beauty Awards (Recap)

Letter from the Publisher

Josh Schimmels



For our annual Beauty Awards special edition, commemorating the exciting event that was held live via our digital platform on December 9th.

When it comes to beauty, Los Angeles remains one of the cultural epicenters of trends. Many of the leading looks, services and products behind keeping people looking and feeling good are from businesses that were started and continue to thrive here in LA. In fact, successful beauty and self-care companies drive tremendous economic growth in the Los Angeles region and make Southern California a major force in the industry. Definitely a group worth celebrating!

Our Beauty Awards event this year brought together industry leaders, recognized leading brands and highlighted their accomplishments in innovation, influence, social responsibility, and growth.

In the following pages, we hope to shed additional light on some of the premier examples of the professionals and companies that make the modern world of beauty so successful.

To all the great organizations profiled in this volume we say thank you!




Brand of the Year

Product of the Year

Social Responsibility Award

Service Provider of the Year

Clean Beauty Award

Supplier of the Year

Rising Brand of the Year


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