KEVIN.MURPHY has been on the forefront of sustainability since its inception back in 2004. The environment is in the brand’s DNA. Being the first beauty company to move to 100% Ocean Waste Plastic (OWP) was challenging for the brand, first transitioning its HDPE packaging, but now in 2021 the company will move its PETG packaging into OWP as well. With the company’s transparency, this has led to an industry conversation in the beauty world, with other brands such as Kinship crediting KEVIN.MURPHY for inspiration for its packaging.

All KEVIN.MURPHY product ingredients are also hand selected to ensure minimal impact on the environment. In addition to good manufacturing practices, KEVIN. MURPHY has a philanthropic arm in the industry. In 2020, a generous donation was made to the Australian Bushfires. All together KEVIN.MURPHY is much more than a hair care company. It is a brand that makes conscious responsible decisions for the good of the planet.

Company leadership never hesitates to make the decisions for social good. For the OWP example, it was, as Kevin Murphy put it, “a no brainer” to make the switch from HDPE to OWP HDPE. Murphy himself is particularly passionate about the environmental efforts of the brand, and his passion is transferred to all that know him and work with him. The leadership at KEVIN.MURPHY is collaborative and is willing to make sacrifices in order to do the right thing for the planet.

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