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Leaders of Influence: Nonprofit & Philanthropy 2023 More Back issues See E-Edition

THERE ARE MANY IMPACTFUL ORGANIZATIONS HERE IN LOS ANGELES COUNTY DOING INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT work, and the leaders behind those organizations are essential contributors to the fabric of our community. They steward their teams through a delicate balance of running a business while selfessly serving essential and worthy causes.

In this section, we acknowledge some of the leading lights of the nonprofit  sector – inspirational individuals who have stepped up to provide examples of forming powerful partnerships and developing strategies to better meet the many needs of our community and beyond. We’ve alphabetically compiled this lineup of superb nonpro t leaders, along with information about their careers, roles and relevant accomplishments they’ve achieved. Congratulations to these outstanding trail blazers who made our class of ‘23.

Methodology: The professionals featured in these pages did not pay to be included. Their profiles were drawn from nomination materials submitted to the Los Angeles Business Journal. Those selected for inclusion were reviewed by the editorial department. The professionals were chosen based on a demonstration of impact made on the profession and on the Los Angeles community