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Leaders of Influence: Nonprofit & Philanthropy 2023 – Julee Brooks

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Chief Executive Officer
Woodcraft Rangers

Julee Brooks’ commitment to creating positive impact in the lives of those she serves infallibly guides her decisions at the helm of the institutions she has served, including Woodcraft Rangers. Founded on the pillars of access and inclusion, Woodcraft Rangers has sought to provide youth of all backgrounds with the quality experiences that support holistic development.

Brooks’ tireless leadership of Woodcraft Rangers has propelled the organization from a $10 million operating budget when she joined the agency in 2019 to $21,162,000 in 2022 to over $32 million in FY24, enabling it to maximize impact for the families and communities most impacted by pandemic induced school closures. While post-pandemic challenges have faced LA’s lowest-income communities, Brooks’ dedication, foresight, and keen ability to leverage resources has allowed the organization to greatly expand its service offerings and better serve the increasingly complex and significant needs of children, youth and families.

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