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Leaders of Influence: Nonprofit & Philanthropy 2023 – Christopher Clinton Conway

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Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Susan Love Foundation for Breast Cancer Research

As a foundation CEO and program officer at three high-profile Los Angeles not-for-profit organizations over the past two decades, Christopher Clinton Conway has had a profound impact across the arts, health and sciences.

Over the past five years, Conway has provided leadership in every aspect of the work of the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation at a time when the acceleration of technology has made it possible to realize much of the visionary work of the founder to end breast cancer. He is the director of a $20 million dollar campaign to support studies demonstrating the use of AI and advanced imaging in the detection of breast cancer, both now being realized with next-generation life-saving imaging for diagnosing breast cancer launched here in Los Angeles. The debut of the first-in-class QT imaging center here in LA is possible because of Conway’s management of the rigorous FDA process.

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