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Leaders of Influence: Nonprofit & Philanthropy 2023 – Greg Sinaiko

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Greg Sinaiko and his family have been one of the most impactful supporters of the nonprofit Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). LLS is one of the leading cancer nonprofits in the country, and relies on the passion, generosity and expertise from volunteers and donors such as Sinaiko. His mission connection to LLS’ work runs deep and is based on his insistence that better treatments, better patient support and better access to cutting-edge therapies should be made available to all patients and caregivers.

Through personal support, the Sinaikos’ philanthropy has surpassed half a million dollars over the last three years—ensuring that necessary funding for new treatments get activated to better understand and improve patient outcomes. Volunteering has also become a family affair as his daughters, wife and parents have all participated in LLS campaigns to expand awareness, raise funds and celebrate in the successes of our peer-to-peer fundraising initiatives.

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