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Leaders of Influence: Nonprofit & Philanthropy 2023 – Lee Ann Kline

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President & Founder
STEM Advantage

Lee Ann Kline began her career as a programmer at IBM. As a mathematics and computer science major and first-generation college student, she was keenly aware of the lack of women in her field and the need for role models and mentors. As her career progressed and she became a consultant at EY, she observed firsthand the lack of gender and racial diversity in technology organizations she served.

Inspired to create change, Kline leveraged her network to create STEM Advantage in 2012. She left her corporate role at EY in 2020 and is focused on STEM Advantage full-time providing in-kind professional services. STEM Advantage “levels the playing field” by empowering talented students, who are mostly first-generation college students from low-income families, with access to networks, employment, and economic mobility that is overwhelmingly limited to students attending private or elite public universities.

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