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2021 Executive Compensation Special Report

Few companies were spared from the impact of the pandemic, and the same can be said for the occupants of many C-suites. Just as Covid-19 had a ripple effect on the Los Angeles economy, it also took a toll on compensation for many local business leaders.

The Business Journal's annual look at pay for L.A.’s top chief executives and other executives in part reflects the range of changes wrought by the events of the past year.

2021 Special Report on Executive Compensation

Hazard Pay: Pandemic takes toll on compensation packages for many CEOs, plus see a breakdown of executive compensation by the numbers

Winner, Winner: Stock awards pay off big for Bobby Kotick, Andy Heyward

By the Numbers: A look at the highs and lows from this year's executive compensation lists

The List: Compensation for the top 50 CEOs

The List: Compensation for the top 50 non-CEOs

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