Diversity, Inclusion + Equity Symposium


On March 17th, the Los Angeles Business Journal hosted a series of panel discussions featuring companies and individuals who have shown an exceptional commitment to advancing diversity and inclusion in the workplace and business leadership. Executives explained the importance of leading and developing a diverse workforce and how they achieved company goals.

Symposium Polling Results:


Master Class on Diversity, Inclusion & Equity


Kandee Lewis
Chief Executive Officer
Positive Results Center

“Business success is a direct result of understanding your company’s talents, skills, and benefits. Having a diverse staff and actively engaging them in your organization’s leadership builds a culture of inclusion.“


Teresa Maxwell
DBE Compliance Manager
Skanska USA Inc.

“Providing economic opportunities to talented minority, women-owned, disabled, veteran and disadvantaged businesses is a huge part of living our values and commitment to being a diverse and inclusive company.”


Dr. Lois Shelton
Professor of Management
CSUN David Nazarian College of Business and Economics

“The business case for diversity and inclusion is mind-boggling. Forward-thinking leaders understand this, and are strategically investing in the people, policies, and initiatives that will position their organizations for top performance for years to come.”


Ken Wiseman
Chief Workforce Development Officer
AMS Fulfillment

“Change starts with a culture of respect, acceptance and encouragement; and progresses on the basis of providing opportunity and education while instilling confidence and trust.”


Renee Young

“Our people are a reflection of the diverse communities we come from. This is something that we are more than proud of; we consider it our greatest strength. We applaud the Los Angeles Business Journal for celebrating companies that understand the incredible importance of diversity and inclusion.”

Growth, Diversity, Inclusion & Equity – Why It Matters


E’Tiffany Jones
Production and Community Engagement Lead

“We live in a time of heightened awareness of the significance of diversity and inclusion in every walk of life. With ever-increasing understanding, we are appreciating the fact that the splendor in our differences makes us a better and stronger society.”


Olga Mireya López
Senior Representative, Strategic Business & Construction Careers
Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority

“We believe small businesses are essential to building and maintaining our fast-growing transportation network. We are going to need large and small businesses to help do the work taxpayers have entrusted us to do – build and operate a world-class transportation system in LA County.”


Avygail Sanchez
VP Government Relations Director, West Division

“Through our HNTB Partners Program, we aim to be intentionally inclusive on every project and around everything we do to provide meaningful roles, equitable opportunities, and build diverse teams to create a positive impact on the regional economy and the communities we serve.”


Tony Tavares
District 7 Director

“Caltrans recognizes our leadership role and unique responsibility in State government to eliminate barriers and to provide more equitable transportation for all Californians. As a public agency we have a responsibility to improve people’s lives and communities.”

Creating Diversity, Inclusion & Equity Through Top Leadership


Dr. James Kyle
Medical Director, Quality, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
L.A. Care Health Plan

“Unless and until top leadership is committed to a culture of diversity and inclusion, your efforts will ultimately go nowhere. Checking the box is not enough.”


Ken Le
Principal, Risk Consulting and Los Angeles CDI Leader

“At RSM, we believe inclusion starts with ‘I.’ This means each professional at RSM is committed to doing our part to advance racial understanding and inclusion across the firm and within our communities.”


Tom McCabe
Managing Director – US CEO
DBS Bank Ltd.

“Diversity, equity and inclusion is only the first step, creating a culture of psychological safety and support allows those with diverse backgrounds to feel like they belong, which creates value for a company and their shareholders.”


Michael Ormonde
Region Bank President
Wells Fargo Bank

“As a leader, I am committed to building an environment where diversity, equity and inclusion is supported. For me that means ensuring that my team is representative of the communities that Wells Fargo serves and encouraging them to show up as their best selves to reach their full potential.”


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