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Holiday Planning Guide 2020


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Eight Gift Exchange Ideas for the Holidays
Whether it’s to save money, maintain social distancing, boost the fun or create a new tradition, many corporate event planners are looking for new ways to engage in gift giving for the forthcoming holiday season. .. Read More

Four Guidelines for Successful Corporate Holiday Gifting in the Age of COVID-19
As we make our way into Q4, corporate holiday gifting budgets are going into effect, and business leaders across the country are reflecting on how best to express their gratitude for the relationships that drive their growth and reputation… Read More

Wild Gifts Support Wildlife
If there was ever a holiday season that called for outside-the-box gifting, it’s this one. 2020 redefined “business as usual,” and we’re all looking for meaningful, creative ways to express appreciation to staff, clients, and loved ones… Read More

Americans Planning Holiday Travel with Cautious Optimism
According to a recent AAA Travel survey, American travelers are making vacation plans through the end of the year, but remain cautiously optimistic about those future plans… Read More

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