Commercial Real Estate Awards 2018


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Letter from the Publisher

Anna Magzanyan

Welcome to the Los Angeles Business Journal’s annual Commercial Real Estate Awards special supplement, in which we celebrate the cream of a particularly robust crop.
On Tuesday, February 20, we hosted the big event: the 23rd annual Commercial Real Estate Awards. This award program is one of the biggest events we have all year. In terms of commercial real estate, there is so much to celebrate: from the brokers who work tireless hours on multi-million-dollar deals, to the general contractors, architects and developers who turn visions into reality on projects that become staple buildings in Los Angeles.
The annual event was held at the L.A. Hotel Downtown and was attended by hundreds of Los Angeles’ elite real estate professionals. Our awards recognized the biggest, best and most notable commercial real estate projects of 2017, and the most successful broker and broker teams in the market.
The impressive and talented group of people that attended the event this year have single-handedly changed, and are continuing to change, the real estate industry in our own backyard. Their work has a direct impact on LA’s workforce, quality of life, education, and economic prosperity. Not only are they renovating and leasing some of the most notable buildings in LA, but are also bringing people together through open workforce environment, enforcing a real work-life balance, and changing the entire culture of employment.
Architectural design has shifted its focus to the well-being of employees, and building environments that foster health, human connectivity, and collaboration. We have seen the growth and impact of Downtown Los Angeles in the last several years, and it is the people and organizations profiled in this supplement that have helped make that happen. These same shining lights are all reshaping what LA looks like, as we expand into Inglewood, create the cultural melting pot that has become the Arts District, and the transformation of Downtown LA.
It’s important to note that with these awards we are not just celebrating the deal value and square footage that each broker and project completed, but also how they are all building the future of Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Business Journal and I are extremely proud to be honoring them.
To each of the developers, general contractors, architects and brokers involved in these stellar, trailblazing projects, we salute you and thank you for your essential contributions to the Los Angeles economy…and skyline!

Best regards,
Anna Magzanyan
CEO & Publisher

Project Winners
Best Hospitality Projects
Best Industrial Project
Best Medical Project
Best Mixed Use Project
Best Multi-Family Project
Best Office Project
Best Public Project
Best Redevelopment Project
Best Retail Project
Best Sustainable Project Best Tenant Improvement Project

Commercial Real Estate Winners
Brokers of The Year
Rookie of The Year
Best Industrial Sale
Best Industrial Lease
Best Office Sale
Best Office Lease
Best Retail Sale
Best Retail Lease
Best Medical Sale
Best Medical Lease
Best Multi-Family Sale
Best Land Sale

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