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2022 Commercial Real Estate Awards: Sustainability

CRE_gold_awardCalifornia Air Resources Board Southern California Headquarters, Mary D. Nichols Campus (TIE)

Location: 4001 Iowa Drive, Riverside
Developer: Department of General Services
Contractor: Hensel Phelps
Architect: ZGF

ZGF, Hensel Phelps, and Affiliated Engineers, Inc. created a cutting-edge vehicle testing facility that is also a landmark example of California’s climate policies in action. Not only is it the largest and most advanced vehicle emissions testing and research facility in the world, it is also designed and built to be the largest true net-zero energy facility of its type – producing more energy than it uses.

CARB’s new 403,306 square foot headquarters centralizes the organization’s five existing locations, which were spread throughout the Los Angeles area, into a single 19-acre site in Riverside, housing more than 450 employees. Designed with the certification goals of LEED Platinum, CalGreen Tier 2, and the International Living Future Institute, Net Zero certification, the unique three-story, pinwheel-shaped building strives to create a beautiful destination, be a good neighbor within the city and provide a compelling environment.

Confluence Park at Five Point Valencia

CRE_gold_awardConfluence Park at Five Point Valencia (TIE)

Location: 27188 Middleton St, Valencia
Developer: FivePoint
Contractor: Consolidated Contracting Services
Architect: AO

At the heart of a visionary master-planned residential network of approximately 4,000 homes integrated via pedestrian trails and electric vehicle pathways lies Confluence Park, a central recreation node overflowing with cutting-edge twenty-first century amenities. As the focal point of this innovative net zero community, the design draws local inspiration from Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park, a local geological feature formed by ancient plate tectonics. The iconic landforms inspired the sloping roofs of the community building and poolside structures.

The 6.4-acre central park comprises of a cutting-edge triple-pool complex.
Within, residents are welcomed to enjoy an open-air event space hosting community workshops, and raised garden planters for growing organic produce.

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