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Oltmans Construction: Celebrating 90 Years

When Joseph Overwin Oltmans began a humble construction service in Downtown Los Angeles 90 years ago, it’s unlikely that he imagined a future quite like today—marked by the ups and downs of a pandemic but also exciting, new frontiers in technology, sustainability, and diversity. Growing to become a $1-billion business and certified Great Place to Work, Oltmans Construction has adapted, leaned into challenges, and stayed true to its core values which have been carried on through three generations of Oltmans leadership. Though much has changed since the company opened its doors in 1932, the foundation of a lasting organization remains timeless.

“Tell the truth, and you’ll never have to remember what you said,” is an adage that Joseph Oltmans II, chairman emeritus, oftentimes shares with his team. It is a clear message of the company’s values and overall philosophy, intrinsic to the legacy of his grandfather. Since the beginning of Oltmans Construction, the company has managed to continue an unshakeable commitment to its values of hard work, honesty, and integrity—ultimately, doing the right thing.

Making it to 90 years means living up to these values every day. Any success found has been shared and built upon by the hard work and contributions of Oltmans Construction’s staff and, most importantly, the company’s field leadership who remain the forefront representation of who Oltmans Constructions is. The company truly cares about those who work for it and the clients it works for.

Success is a team effort. No one can go about it alone. Oltmans Construction values the support of its clients and subcontractor partners and honors the tremendous dedication of over 500 construction experts in its field and offices. Oltmans Construction’s mission to take care of its community is the common bond that links the company together. This has always been integral to Oltmans’ DNA as the company considers itself a partner and resource to others.

Thanks in large part to clients and relationships within the industrial and commercial sectors, Oltmans Construction has been able to build upon those efforts to expand into a diverse range of markets—including solar EPC, healthcare, and education. For example, Oltmans recently completed The Willows, an LA Family Housing bridge-housing project, as well as KIPP Community School in Compton, both recognized for their community impact by this year’s Commercial Real Estate Awards. Additionally, Oltmans Construction is proud to oversee charitable construction projects throughout Southern California, many of which benefit veterans and families in need of housing and support through organizations such as Olive Crest and Orange County Rescue Mission.

Oltmans Construction leadership feels fortunate to have a team that celebrates those who came before them and desires to carry on the traditions they established. As Oltmans continues to develop lasting relationships and grows to include new markets, team members, and fresh perspectives, the company culture is strengthened. Oltmans Construction looks forward to furthering its community-focused mission by honoring this legacy with every project it takes on and through every new team member it welcomes.

Learn more about Oltmans Construction at Oltmans.com.

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