The 8 over 80 profiles in this year’s Business Journal Special Report tell the stories of local business people and their broad and diverse careers; folks who, despite ranging in age from 81 to 95, are still just that – business people. We’ve included more this year on their backgrounds and contributions, such as the plastic surgeon who, with another surgeon, separated conjoined twins, a lawyer who formed the business model for the real estate tax shelter industry, a Holocaust survivor-turned-art-gallery-owner, and some of Hollywood’s revered creators and artists. And that’s just a few of the contributors.

Their stories r e c o u n t the significant changes in their industries over the years, how they stay current with technology, observations on the evolving workplace and their reasons for not retiring. The profiles start on the following page. – Carol Lawrence

Norman Lear

Milt Larsen

Suzanne Zada

David Fleming

Leo Pircher

Marion Ross

Alex Bellehumeur

Henry Kawamoto, Jr.

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