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Crime Suspect Identification Firm Announces Partnership with Rite Aid

Valencia-based Captis Intelligence, a company that claims its software helps identify crime suspects, announced a national partnership with Rite Aid Corp. today.

The one-year deal covers all Rite Aid’s 4,621 stores across the country, Dario Brebic, president of Captis told the Business Journal. Brebic declined to disclose what Rite Aid was paying for the company’s service, which a press release said would help with the pharmacy chain’s loss prevention efforts.

Captis powers a website called solveacrime.com, which uses crowd-sourcing to identify suspects in surveillance videos or pictures. Its 2.8 million users can upload videos of crimes that have happened to them or help with tips in identifying other users’ videos.

“What we’ve created is a brand new process in collecting information that can solve crimes that affect retailors,” Brebic said.

It costs $49.99 to upload a video which the website hosts for “as long as you need,” Brebic said. An automatic email is sent to the user as well as the local law enforcement when a tip is received.

Captis was founded in 2015 by Brebic and Daniel Santell but officially launched six months ago, Brebric said. The business is self-financed by Brebic and Santell, with additional funding from strategic investors that Brebic declined to name.

Captis has already opened offices in London and Singapore and has 18 employees, Brebic said.

Manufacturing and trade reporter Shwanika Narayan can be reached at snarayan@labusinessjournal.com or 323-556-8351. Follow her on Twitter @shwanika.


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