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Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Awards 2017: FINALISTS – HYPERSIGHT, INC

HyperSight is a Sofware-as-a-Service (SaaS) company in the automotive industry that leverages digital technologies such as augmented reality, artificial intelligence, data analytics and machine learning to create engaging and futuristic customer experiences.

HyperSight has brought innovation to the car sales process and industry through incorporating advanced technology to the car shopping experience, which benefits shoppers, dealerships and automakers alike. Using its unique augmented reality headsets and AI assistance, car shoppers will be able to visualize, customize and interact with the car of their dreams in virtual environments, while automakers will gather valuable analytics on customer emotions and preferences to make business decisions.

HyperSight was born when two international entrepreneurs met in Business School at UC Irvine, and got immersed in the world of Augmented Reality. By facing a common problem while buying a car, they found common ground and decided to take action. They participated and won the Fast Forward Competition at UCI, acquiring an Intellectual Property portfolio, and transformed a school project into a business.

HyperSight’s vehicle customization capability allows the seller to create a digital showroom where customers can visualize and customize an entire inventory in AR, while getting their questions answered by the AI assistants. HyperSight’s AI software also provides sales teams with helpful analytics on customer preferences.

HyperSight’s CEO, Arturo San Vicente is the President of the Merage Entrepreneurship Association at UCI, where he strives at connecting entrepreneurs and business students who want to pursue a career in the startup world. The CTO, John Nall, is a Subject Matter Expert in Augmented Reality and has been featured in many trade shows and conferences promoting the use of Augmented Reality in business settings.

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