Wilcon Plans to Wire Downtown Los Angeles to Aid Increased Cell Demand


To serve growing bandwidth demand from wireless phone companies, telecommunications firm Wilcon announced plans to expand and then connect its fiber-optic network to hundreds of small cellular sites in downtown Los Angeles.

By further integrating into various cell networks, the company is aiming to provide greater bandwidth capacity to wireless providers who are burdened by requests for more data from their users, particularly users viewing videos. The planned fiber network would hookup to small cell sites in neighborhoods including, the Central Business District, Fashion District, Koreatown, and Chinatown.

“Remarkable increases in the amount of mobile traffic are driving the demand for more robust broadband capacity throughout metro areas,” Jon DeLuca, president and chief executive of Wilcon of downtown Los Angeles, said in a statement. “Small cell technology allows national mobile providers not only to extend their coverage, but also to increase quality and improve user experiences.”

The infrastructure build-out also gives Wilcon extra capacity for anticipated future technologies, such as Wi-Fi offloading, as well as 4.5G and 5G.

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