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Impact Enterprises Helps Businesses With Diversity Efforts

Business: Impact Enterprises Global Inc. offers what founder Kelly Redmond describes as social impact consultations.
Designed to work with both nonprofits and businesses, the company’s consultations are geared toward improving diversity, equity and inclusion strategies. The consultations also help organizations improve their relationships and investments in diverse communities.

In addition, Redmond operates a nonprofit that provides educational content centered on similar themes. The nonprofit also supports content creators who produce positive and educational information on issues in the Black community. It has hosted the Impact Media Summit, conducted 57 livestreams in 2020 and has partnered with other organizations to stage events about using media and entertainment for social change.

Redmond founded the two divisions in 2013 and last year, she consolidated them into Impact Enterprises Global Inc. Redmond said she was inspired to pursue this career path by her mentor, Rev. C.T. Vivian. Prior to launching Impact Enterprises, Redmond worked for Kraft Foods and Innovations Group Inc.  
Quote: “When I moved to L.A., I moved here with the intention and purpose to really focus on what I believe I was created to do and, specifically, how we could use media and entertainment for social change.”
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