LABJ FORUM: The Many Forms of TV Watching


LABJ FORUM: The Many Forms of TV Watching

The networks have been rolling out their fall offerings, old and new, as they jockey to grab not only big audiences, but the right kind of big audience (specifically, anyone younger than 50). So the Business Journal asks: What’s your favorite television show?

Laurie Goldman

Vice President of Development

Century Housing and Century/LIFT

I don’t miss an episode of “The West Wing.” It’s inspiring, witty, entertaining and smart. I think it could turn on the electorate and we could use that. I also like “Six Feet Under.” It’s bold, even for cable. It’s also about L.A., and I’m an L.A. native, so I get very excited when shows take place in my city. But they don’t have the dead people talking with the characters anymore, which I thought was a great part of the show.

Bob Malouf

Vice President of Business Development

M Squared Inc.

“Law & Order” is the only thing I watch with regularity. It’s interesting to see how the legal process works, and the plot always has some good twists and turns. I’ve worked in legal circles for the better part of the last 10 years, so that has something to do with it.

Deborah Dentler

Grant Writing Consultant

Dentler Wells Associates

“The West Wing,” hands down. It paints a picture of the government I wish we had. It shows thoughtful, intelligent, caring decision-making, and leaders grappling courageously with the hard questions rather then focusing on getting reelected. I hope it inspires the next generation to consider public service, kind of like how Woodward and Bernstein inspired people to go into journalism. The only thing wrong with the show is that it needs more ethnic diversity. There’s far more gender and ethnic diversity in a real government than a Hollywood government. Hollywood needs to play catch-up.

Art Salmonson

Senior Leasing Manager

Abbey Co.

I like “Louis Rukeyser’s Wall Street” on CNBC. He’ll interview three noted people in the field of finance I won’t say he grills them, but he’ll get their take on the economy. He has a way of making humor out of the financial mess we’re in. While the markets are in turmoil, I figure I could use some guidance to get a handle on what’s going on. It’s not my girlfriend’s favorite, though. She won’t miss “Survivor.”

Scott Radcliffe

Vice President of Operations

Bearing Inspection Inc.

“Everybody Loves Raymond.” The characters are outstanding and each one of them is unique and very funny. Peter Boyle is just comical, and I need a good laugh. I was a big “X Files” fan, but when it lost David Duchovny, I started losing interest.

Beth Michelson

Executive Director

The Wonder of Reading

“The Sopranos.” My husband is from New Jersey and he says he actually knows people like that from high school and wonders how they turned out. The whole premise that a mob boss is seeing a psychologist but can’t talk to her about what’s really going on is sort of a modern day conflict.

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