My Favorite Sites


My Favorite Sites

Steve Straughan, partner, Kirkpatrick Associates Architects

I use this as a search engine for recipes, and to order food. It has links to issues of Bon Appetit and Gourmet magazines along with all their recipes. It’s a great foodies site.

I just came across this site recently, and I really enjoy it. It has articles, and is a great way to look for worldwide competitions. We track dates for submission for particular competitions. We also can look for specialists in a particular project type if we need a collaborator on a project.

I use this to view and buy photography, mostly 20th century, some masters, some new. I didn’t know there was an online gallery as extensive as theirs.

This site is based out of Chicago and specializes in 20th century art and architecture. From lighting and furniture, to objects, you can order catalogues, order over the phone, or place a bid on online auctions. They have significant pieces of art.

This nursery site is been a great way for us to become familiar with native plants here in Southern California. It has information about plant material, whether one will do well in a coastal region as opposed to desert.

Jonathan Diamond

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