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LABJ Forum: From Dodger Blue to Angel Red

LABJ Forum: From Dodger Blue to Angel Red

For diehard Dodger fans, it didn’t work out the way they had hoped out of the playoffs for yet another year. But at least Southern California gets a shot at the World Series this year with the late-season emergence of the Anaheim Angels. While the Orange County-L.A. divide is especially strong when it comes to baseball, perhaps the Cinderella Angels will be an exception. So the Business Journal asks: Have you become an Angels fan?

Sally Locko

Swimwear Designer

Apparel Ventures Inc.

I haven’t been a huge baseball fan. But I’ve become a baseball fan by osmosis because one of my pattern makers has season tickets. So every day I hear about it. But I notice I’m wearing red a lot (since the Angels won the playoffs). This Angels thing is taking over.

Bob McCaule



I’m actually okay with (the Angels’ going to the World Series) because I’m a closet Angels fan, I just don’t tell my Yankees friends.

Cecil Strickland

Executive Director Retail Relations

California Market Center

I’m absolutely not an Angels fan. But I have absolutely jumped on the bandwagon. I’m embarrassed to say it now. I’ve been converted and addicted. I love the Cinderella story.

Jim Thebaut

Independent writer/producer/director

I think it’s one of the most exciting things to happen to Los Angeles sports ever. They just captured me three-quarters of the way through the season. The A’s were winning 20 games in a row and they just couldn’t separate from the Angels. They’re incredible. I don’t think there’s a better pitching team, period. (Angels Manager Mike) Scioscia is clearly Manager of the Year. I think the manager sets the mood for the team, and Scioscia did that.

Chris Mellow

Account Executive

Brand Architect Group

No, I haven’t. I’m actually a Yankees fan. I would be lynched. I had uncles I grew up with who told me I would be a Yankees fan. To tell the truth, I wish it would have been the Dodgers. For me, the World Series ends when the Yankees lose.

David Simon


Kearney Real Estate Co.

I’m not a big baseball fan, but I have been watching and I’ve been becoming a fan. I think it would be great for Southern California if they did win the title.

Christophe Eme

Chef, L’Orangerie

I don’t follow baseball. I’ve only been (in this country) four months.

Arthur Salmonson

Senior Leasing Manager

Abbey Co.

I am not an old diehard Angels fan. I’m happy for them. However in the World Series, I have to root for the Giants, because I’m an old New Yorker. But I’m delighted, I’m happy as hell for them.


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