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LABJ Forum: Psst v Election Day is Approaching

LABJ Forum: Psst Election Day is Approaching

The lackluster gubernatorial campaign has failed to engage California voters and the secession movement has faded as an important issue. That and the absence of controversial state ballot initiatives has led to speculation that voter turnout may fall to record low levels on Nov. 5. Still, there are many important issues on the ballot, including tens of billions of dollars in bond measures. So the Business Journal asks: Are you voting?

Lisa Pratt

President and Chief Executive

Health Research Association Inc.

Absolutely. I’m a big believer in our rights as American citizens. I would have voted for Riordan if he had made it to the finals. The (bond measure) for housing is important to me, and I’m for it. I also believe there is one in there for trauma centers, and I’m for that one too. I think I’m pretty typical of a lot of people, I’m not particularly enamored with (either Davis or Simon) but it’s not going to stop me from voting.

Philip Schimmel

Managing Partner


Yes I’m voting. It’s important for us to remember that voting is one way to exhibit your rights as a citizen. Government can have a very significant impact on our lives, so it’s important we all get out there. I’m interested in the gubernatorial race. Also some of the measures like Prop 47 and 49 have caught my attention.

Douglas Hendricks


Morrison & Foerster

I already voted because I’m leaving the country on business. But it is certainly a good year for apathy.

Randolph Paul


Greenberg Traurig LLP

Absolutely, I always do. I live in the Hollywood area, so secession affects me greatly. There are so many elections that I’ve voted in where the candidates have seemed bland or too similar, but I think it is my civic duty to vote. It’s kind of like being a fan of a ballclub, some years are lean and some aren’t but hopefully you still go out there.

David Molina


Creative Capers Entertainment

Yes, I am voting this year. I always vote but I choose to vote especially on the local issues because they directly affect my family and my business. I know my vote in some way will count.

Farsh Askari

Senior Television Editor


I’m almost ashamed to say I don’t think I will be voting this year. I hate to contribute to the general apathy in this election, but I’m somewhat disillusioned by the current state of California politics. Neither (gubernatorial) candidate seems to have any strong issues on their agenda. It’s been primarily negative character campaigns. I don’t feel compelled to make a decision; the campaigning seems frivolous in the context of the times in which we’re living. It doesn’t feel important, even though it is.

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