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Hed — Capitalist P.R.

One of the major themes in our recent “25 Ways To Make L.A. Grow” edition was the need to enhance the city’s image especially among Corporate America, where Los Angeles is consistently viewed as a nasty place to do business.

Many (though sadly not all) of those negative perceptions are misplaced. But try telling that to business executives in Cleveland or Detroit or New York. Or, more to the point, the people who prepare those annual magazine rankings on the best business climates in America.

A small but potentially important step in the right direction was announced last week. Forbes Magazine will be holding its annual CEO Forum in Los Angeles, bringing together top corporate executives to discuss a variety of management and policy issues.

OK, so it’s not the Super Bowl. But it is an important showcase for L.A., an opportunity to show off the city’s dynamic business climate, as well as its growth potential.

Certainly, image-altering doesn’t just happen overnight or with a single business conference. Yet L.A.’s city officials and the business community at large would be foolish to ignore such a P.R. opportunity.

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