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Nick Brestoff has decided to start his own law firm and in the process, he has acquired such high-profile clients as former Lincoln Savings & Loan chairman Charles Keating.

After spending more than 18 years in law, Brestoff branched out last month by forming a firm with a former college classmate Dennis A. Winston. The firm of Brestoff & Winston is located in Santa Monica.

Both were partners at Radcliffe, Brestoff & Frandsen. But, previous to that, they met while in college at a mock trial competition in Los Angeles.

“After 21 years, it’s fun to be in partnership with a classmate,” Brestoff says. “Both of us have been rejuvenated by starting (our own) firm.”

The firm will specialize in banking, business, real estate, environmental, entertainment, insurance and unfair competition law.

Brestoff & Winston brought several big-name clients over from their former firm. Perhaps the biggest, according to Brestoff, comes from now-defunt Lincoln Savings & Loan.

Winston represented Keating and several other top executives during criminal and civil matters after the thrift went belly-up. Those clients have been retained by the new firm.

Other clients include WestFed Holdings Inc., a former subsidiary of now-defunct Western Federal Savings & Loan. The firm will be representing WestFed in a U.S. Supreme Court action alleging the federal government broke a contract with WestFed.

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