One of few law firms to be consistently nominated as one of Los Angeles’ Best Places to Work overall, Raines Feldman is committed to building and maintaining a firm culture that promotes connection, enriches the lives of its members, and enhances the success of its clients. Raines Feldman wants everyone who works at the firm to realize who they are, know their talents, and reach their potential. That process is a team effort on all of our parts and the firm takes it seriously. Raines Feldman helps its team members become the person and professional that they were meant to be. The firm also pushes each other to be the best at truly helping clients and each other.

The legal business is highly competitive and combative. Raines Feldman welcomes the competition from outside the firm and embraces it. Inside Raines Feldman, however, the firm does not see its team members as competition or a threat. On the contrary, one person’s victory is all of the team’s victory. When each of the team members rises, they all rise. The team works to prop one another up and support each other to the extent possible.

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