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Most Admired Law Firms: Pircher, Nichols & Meeks LLP

For more than 35 years, Pircher has supported its greatest asset, its people, by fostering a collaborative environment rooted in empathy and acceptance. The firm maintains a close group of highly experienced attorneys with shared values, allowing for better knowledge-sharing and a strong culture of equity.

The firm’s diversity efforts start internally, specifically promoting inclusive operating principles. Pircher supports ongoing inclusion within the firm through its long-standing mentorship efforts. The firm brings associates into client relationships early in their careers—through direct contact with the clients, strong practice support and increasing responsibility—to nurture and develop both the client relationship and associates’ growth. Pircher is also committed to continuing to bring individuals with diverse backgrounds and perspectives into its team. In recent years, recruiting efforts alone have significantly expanded the languages fluently spoken by Pircher’s attorneys—English, Greek, Italian, Spanish and Farsi. The firm is active in higher education as well, supporting the recruitment of diverse up-and-comers in the legal profession. Pircher is committed to training the next generation of legal professionals through programs such as the annual Real Estate Joint Venture Challenge and partners serving as lecturers at Los Angeles-based law schools.

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