Jacqueline Bracy, MD

OBGYN and President

Emanate Health Medical Group

Dr. Jacqueline Bracy, and active OB-GYN physician who specializes in gynecology, women’s health and gynecologic and pelvic surgery, also serves as president of Emanate Health Medical Group. Dr. Bracy has overseen the expansion of Emanate Health Medical Group from one physician to more than 40, with plans to increase to at least 50. The increase is noteworthy because many of these physicians will work in Emanate Health’s new hospital-based, outpatient clinic that allows the health system to provide the continuum of care to patients in all stages of a life, which is critical to expanding market share in the region. In addition, she has been responsible for improving access of care to the underprivileged, promoting the delivery of chronic and specialty care to the underserved and driving patient safety in recent years.

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