I got my daughter an Apple computer, so I have spent a lot of time on the Apple site. We have this DSL line we put in and my wife has one of these Mac Cubes, and it's just been incredible getting on the Apple site with QuickTime Apple's multimedia mechanism.

The multimedia on the Apple site is just great, as are the effects when viewed on the Mac. The site offers many different services and areas of interest, but I like to get on and focus in on the multimedia area.

There are great things there, the movie trailers in particular. You can see just about any movie trailer that's out today. With the bandwidth, you can see it on three to four different resolution sizes. My favorite one is the "X-Men," full screen. You go to the "X-Men" trailer site, and they have broadband trailers there that fill up the screen it's just amazing on every level, from the video to the audio.

I've even downloaded the trailer from my PC and run it into one of my big-screen TVs here at home. It's as good as a movie it is a movie!

Some of the music sites are great too. In fact, I'm kind of plugged into this whole broadband thing right now. In terms of layout, flash and sizzle, the Apple site is my favorite. I don't really use it as a portal I'm all over the map in terms of that but I find that from an entertainment point of view, because I like the broadband type of content, I tend to go through the Apple site.

They've created a great ecosystem to hang out in if you're interested in what's happening in terms of broadband entertainment.

Other Destinations This is one site I've been focusing on in the international trade area. Created by the world's logistics and banking communities, it's getting rid of inefficiencies by moving world trade onto the Internet, allowing documents and data to be exchanged online. It's an open and neutral site, on the cutting edge, and really concentrates on new developments in international trade finance, across many different industries.

I like to see what new partnerships are being formed and read about the new types of transactions that are being done through the Bolero partnerships. On the business side, I am all over the world looking at the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, the New York Times. But I especially like to focus on the London Times for international business news and other angles on American news. I like to read their business section. I want to keep up on the news from Europe, the mergers and announcements. I am also always interested their coverage of American business news. It's important to get an international perspective.

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