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Women of Influence: Finance 2022 More Back issues See E-Edition

From overcoming the fiscal repercussions of a global pandemic and continuing global impact of international trade obstacles, to charting a course for responsible data protection in the age of A.I., the banking and financial services sector has faced many key challenges during the past couple years. The good news locally is that many of the nation’s leading financial industry thought leaders are based in the LA region.

With 2022 well underway, and businesses and individuals focused intently on financial recovery, sustainability and protecting the bottom line, finance professionals are more essential than ever. There are some particularly stellar trusted advisors in the LA region – who happen to be women – and we’ve alphabetically listed some of the very best of them here, along with key information about their careers and relevant recent successes they’ve achieved. These are the women we chose to recognize for exceptional leadership, knowledge, skill and achievements in banking across the full spectrum of financial responsibility along with the highest professional and ethical standards, and for contributions to the Los Angeles business community at large.

Methodology: The professionals featured in these pages did not pay to be included. Their profiles were drawn from nomination materials submitted to the Los Angeles Business Journal. Those selected for inclusion were reviewed by the editorial department and chosen based on a demonstration of impact made on the profession and on the Los Angeles community