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Women of Influence: Finance 2022 – Clory Arana

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Senior Accountant

Clory Arana was born in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, where she grew up with parents who were good providers of the necessities of life, but with a dream for a higher education for their four daughters. With great vision they invested all they had in Arana’s college education were she stood out as top of her class. After graduating, she joined a 900-employee sugar factory and immigrated to the US.

In 1986, Arana joined Environmental Contracting Corporation (ECC) as a payroll clerk and throughout her 34 years, she has performed all functions in the accounting department, as needed. That versatility and eagerness to serve have contributed to the advancement of her career. Her loyalty, strong work ethic and ability to adjust have led to her taking her current position – leading the accounting department of ECC, a role she has successfully exceeded in for the last 10 years.

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