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Women of Influence: Finance 2022 – Natasha Bonelli

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Senior Vice President and Financial Advisor
Merrill Lynch

Natasha Bonelli is a senior vice president and financial advisor with Merrill Lynch. Specializing in building and maintaining wealth for individuals, families, and business owners, she’s slowly grown her business and team from the ground up one client at a time. Now managing over $500 million in assets, she and her team service hundreds of companies, nonprofits, and individuals.

Bonelli’s passion and expertise is in the institutional market, specifically managing retirement plans for corporations and nonprofit organizations, helping clients who are every day workers build their wealth and others maintain and growth their millions. Known as the “401(k) Lady” locally, she helps clients by consulting on the aspects of plan management, funds, fees, fiduciary responsibility, and financial wellness for the employees. The team then creates a personalized financial plan customized to help achieve their personal goals. Bonelli and her team service over 300 corporate retirement plans in California.

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