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Los Angeles
Wednesday, Aug 17, 2022

2020 Private Equity Special Report

Like nearly every business in Los Angeles, the city’s private equity firms are adjusting on the fly to the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic and the ensuing bear market.

But even as PE leaders are rethinking their strategies in the face of unprecedented challenges, they’re also sensing opportunities.

Our timely special report on L.A.’s private equity scene takes a close look at how some of the city’s top firms are acting and reacting now, and how they’re positioning themselves for the uncertain times ahead.

We also delve into the social and financial benefits firms are discovering as a result of their efforts to make diversity and inclusivity a standard part of their organizations. Hint: The moves are paying off in a number of ways.

Also, you’ll find our comprehensive breakdowns of L.A.’s top private equity firms, investment banks and venture capital firms.


Loaded for Bear: L.A.’s private equity leaders seek opportunities in a bear market.

Diversity Drivers: PE firms that strive for diversity are seeing the benefits.


Private Equity Firms in L.A. County: Ranked by private equity assets under management.

Investment Banks in L.A. County: Ranked by number of FINRA-licensed investment bankers in L.A. County.

Venture Capital Firms in L.A. County: Ranked by capital under management.


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