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Picking Up the Pieces: Business in the Aftermath of COVID-19




In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has had an unprecedented impact on how businesses operate around the world and here in Los Angeles, companies have been left to navigate an uncertain path forward. Indeed, “business as usual” will continue to look much different in the months and years ahead as the economy works to brush off the stain — and strain — of the novel coronavirus.

In “Picking up the Pieces: Business in the Aftermath of COVID-19,” a virtual live presentation that took place on April 14th and was hosted by the Los Angeles Business Journal, the subject matter pros at Michelman & Robinson, LLP helped steer L.A. business leaders through discussions on a range of post-pandemic-related issues that are — or should be — flashing brightly on their respective radar screens.


• The CARES Act and the PPP
• Employment Law Update
• I’ll See You in Court
• Call the Broker
• Getting the Financial House in Order
• The Outlook



Sanford L. Michelman, Esq.
Chairman, Michelman & Robinson, LLP; and Member of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco’s Board of Directors

“When it comes to navigating the intersection of COVID-19, business, and law, the attorneys at Michelman & Robinson have been at the forefront since the novel coronavirus reached pandemic proportions. Clients here in Los Angeles and throughout the country have leaned on M&R for advice and counsel that’s informed by an in-depth understanding of the issues spawned by this hopefully once-in-a-lifetime crisis.”


Dana A. Kravetz, Esq.
Firm Managing Partner

“Employers throughout L.A. are walking into a minefield of unique operational and legal issues stemming from this horrible pandemic. It’s important that they do so with eyes wide open, and that includes an understanding of employee concerns, OSHA requirements, and the interplay between state and local mandates.”


Mona Z. Hanna
Office Managing Partner
Orange County

“COVID-19 will have a lasting effect in the months and years to come. For companies across Southern California, this impact will continue to materialize in the wake of pandemic-related government shutdowns, supply chain and production line interruptions, customer drop off, employee layoffs, and breached contracts, all of which are sure to wind up as the subject of litigation statewide.”


Bryan Johnson, Esq.

“The Paycheck Protection Program provides a much-needed lifeline for so many businesses impacted by COVID-19—not just in Los Angeles, but nationwide. Still, the federal assistance is all for naught if stakeholders don’t fully appreciate the ins-and-outs of loan forgiveness.”


Howard I. Camhi, Esq.

“The economic downturn triggered by the pandemic has more businesses than ever weighing bankruptcy and similar types of relief. That being said, while a Chapter 7 liquidation or Chapter 11 reorganization may be a reasonable choice for some, these vehicles are not the only option for companies limping away from the scourge COVID-19.”

Inside This Supplement

Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccine Policies and OSHA Mandates Regarding a Safe Workplace
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The Nuts and Bolts of the PPP and Loan Forgiveness
For many businesses, the Paycheck Protection Program has been a much-needed economic lifeline. For others, though, it has amounted to a source of frustration and uncertainty, especially when it comes to loan forgiveness. Bryan Johnson… Read More


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