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Each year, the Los Angeles Business Journal’s LA500 list honors the most influential leaders and executives in Los Angeles. This year’s collection of the leading figures from the region’s business community serves as a reminder that the LA business community is led by some of the smartest, most innovative and resilient business minds anywhere in the world.

To further celebrate the accomplishments of these leaders, the LABJ conducted a live webinar on June 2nd featuring a series of three panels made up of outstanding members of the LA500 class of 2021. This esteemed group graciously weighed in for the discussion and shared insights on the state of our business landscape. We were excited to share these insights with our enthusiastic audience of virtual attendees who registered for the webinar.

Among the topics discussed, were the regional centers of influence; the state of Los Angeles; and the financial outlook for the region. Many thanks to our outstanding participating panelists, who are listed here (along with accompanying quotes from the event) and to the sponsors who made the event possible.

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Webinar Polling Results:



Centers of Influence


Brian Hegarty
Principal, Managing Director Los Angeles | Employee Benefits Division
Marsh & McLennan Insurance Agency

“Who do we turn to in times of turmoil? For most businesses, it’s their trusted partners – insurance brokers, accountants, and lawyers. It’s important that we discuss some of the advice leading professionals are giving their clients as we all work towards a return to “normal.”


Kevin LeGrett
President, Los Angeles; President, West Division
iHeartMedia | Markets Group

“I cannot sugarcoat how difficult and costly the last year has been! Going forward, we have bigger numbers and expectations and I believe because of the LA marketplace, iHeart team and our amazing platform, we can get back quicker than most, but it will be hard!”


Patrick Niemann
Managing Partner, Greater Los Angeles

“The most gratifying part of inclusion in the LA500 is the recognition of the countless team members who contribute so much toward the success of our organizations and Los Angeles.”


Jennifer Post
Managing Partner, Los Angeles Office
Thompson Coburn LLP

“LA has a vibrant, diverse and resilient business community. It can reimagine itself in response to life altering events like the pandemic and emerge stronger and more robust than ever.”


Financial Outlook


Noor Menai
President & CEO

“Los Angeles’ position as a top investment and international business hub will further gain traction in a post-COVID economy. Adjustments will be needed, though LA offers a unique combination of talent, technology, culture, lifestyle and proximity to key global markets.”


Bruce Munster
Managing Director, Private Wealth Advisor
Merrill Private Wealth Management

“BofA and Merrill continue to lead in all of the markets where we compete. We believe the meaningful changes we are all experiencing create lots of opportunity for responsible growth.”

Robert D. Taylor
President & CEO, West Division

“Our economy is fundamentally sound and resilient, and importantly, it appears that serious efforts are emerging to mitigate equity issues that threaten these qualities. However, in the intermediate term the polarization distorting our political discourse might corrode our institutions’ (and their tools’) effectiveness in responding to inevitable shocks magnifying uncertainty, volatility, and potential correction(s).”


Dr. Betty Uribe
Managing Director
JPMorgan Chase, California

“As leaders of the community we have learned over the last year that none of us can succeed alone. This realization has made us all stronger together and better prepared for long term growth.”


State of LA


Paul Martinkovic
Shareholder, Chief Executive Officer

“As a minority-owned firm with three-quarters of our staff people of color, we’ve long felt that our success is tied to embracing the diversity of the cultures and communities in which we work all around the world. We are proud of our global growth over more than 40 years and our commitment to diversity and excellence.”

Kofi Nartey
Chief Executive Officer
Society Real Estate & Development

“Every market presents opportunities if you skate where the puck is going and diversify your business via synergistic pursuits.”


Johnese Spisso
President, UCLA Health
CEO, UCLA Hospital System
Associate Vice Chancellor, UCLA Health Sciences

“At UCLA Health, patients benefit from our innovation and research discoveries that allow us to deliver high quality, leading-edge clinical care that offers the best outcomes.”



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