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Who’s Building L.A: Magnolia Science Academy #1


The Magnolia Science Academy #1 (MSA-1) project is a true example of a development making significant community impact due to the immense positive change that this project has brought to the Los Angeles community. The total minority enrollment is 93%, and 89% of students are economically disadvantaged. Even with the many socio-economic challenges that students and their families must face, MSA-1 is ranked as an above average, successful public charter school located with a 100% graduation rate.

From day one, there was a real collaborative synergy with input from all team members, including student leaders. The 2019 student leaders spoke with designers and engineers as well as reviewed plans in order to really create their “dream school.” As a result of its dedication to the school project, the graduating class of 2019 was able to witness the construction of MSA-1.

The new building sits on top of a 16,845 square foot site and is built adjacent to their existing school building, which adds an additional 25,228 square feet of learning space. The first and second floor includes the build-out of 20 classrooms as well as staff offices, administration spaces, and science, robotics, and tech labs. There is a rooftop play area on the third floor. In addition, the project involved the patching of the existing parking lot. Oltmans Construction Co. self-performed all carpentry trades including concrete, drywall, framing, and doors/frames/hardware. The project was delivered on a fast-track delivery to ensure opening by the fall.

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