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Spotlight on City of Industry: A City to Foster Thriving Industry

Last summer, the City of Industry, in partnership with the Industry Business Council, presented its annual State of the City Address – and the messaging holds strong as the region enters 2020.

The central theme of that most recent address was “a clear vision for the city since 1957” and the primary goal to create an environment for businesses to thrive.

“Our City has had a Clear Vision since 1957. That vision is stated in our name – Industry. Our City was envisioned as a city to foster business,” said Mayor Cory Moss. “Today, we are home to over 3,000 businesses that continue to provide an economic boon for our region. As these businesses flourish, they directly created over 67,000 jobs and support over 209,000 jobs in L.A. County. Today’s address was focused on our commitment as a City to continue creating a business-friendly environment to support industry and job creation.”

In addition to the presentation on City history and business focuses, the Mayor provided an update on 2019 community events and charitable contributions that the City made to support youth, first responders and other nonprofit organizations. There was a special recognition of Firefighters and Sheriffs Deputies during the event.

The City Manager Troy Helling provided an update on City infrastructure projects along with City Engineer, Josh Nelson. Of note, the presentation provided a look at upcoming infrastructure improvements at Grand Avenue and Arenth Avenue, development of the Industry Business Center and several grade separation projects.

“2019 was a very busy year in terms of development in the City. From the historic Tres Hermanos partnership to the Penske auto development, we’ve been moving projects and our City forward,” said City Manager Troy Helling. “We gave a preview of what is to come for 2020 and we know that these projects will be a big benefit for businesses and residents in the City of Industry and the region as a whole.”

Industry Business Council Executive Director Joanne McClaskey closed out the event by giving a presentation from her business organization. The presentation included successes from 2019, such as the launching of local business tours and a Manufacturers Working Group. Another highlight was the announcement that the City was recognized in a county-wide poll as the top two places to do business in LA County.

“While we are already recognized as one of the top places in the county to do business, we know that in order to keep that title, we must continue working on the issues that matter most to businesses,” said Executive Director Joanne McClaskey. “That means staying in touch with our local businesses and prioritizing work on policies that matter to them – and in 2020, we are ready to do just that.”

For more information about the City of Industry, please visit cityofindustry.org.

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