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Most Influential Women Attorneys: LARA A. H. SHORTZ

Over the years, Lara Shortz has built an extraordinary practice and presence at her law firm, Michelman & Robinson, LLP. As M&R’s new firm recruiting partner, Shortz is tasked with managing the firm’s robust yet measured growth. Toward that end, her thoughtful decision-making significantly impacts M&R’s coast-to-coast operations.

At the same time, Shortz is a soughtafter employment law practitioner, laser focused on the hospitality space. A member of M&R’s renowned Hospitality Industry Group, she counsels and litigates on behalf of hotel and resort management, as well as clients in the food and beverage industries faced with single plaintiff and collective actions (class actions and PAGA claims) and administrative matters (like those before the State Labor Commissioner, Department of Fair Employment & Housing, Department of Labor, and Occupational Safety and Health Administration). Her clients are beneficiaries of her impressive track record of success in cases involving discrimination, harassment, retaliation, wage and hour matters and executive compensation.

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