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Most Influential Women Attorneys: AMY SIEGEL

When the biggest brands in film, television, sports and theme parks want a lawyer who knows how to license and monetize their most valuable assets, they turn to Amy Siegel. Having spent her entire legal career working in the entertainment industry, Siegel has become an authority on securing the acquisition, financing, protection and management of intellectual property and media-related assets that impact and influence today’s pop culture. Her practice closely follows the industry’s latest trends, from the growth of over-the-top services to new virtual reality ventures.

Not yet 40, Siegel has amassed a client list of some of the biggest names in Hollywood including Warner Bros., Univision, The Weinstein Company, and many others. She is a key player in O’Melveny’s established practice of representing clients in and outside of Asia on cross-border media and entertainment deals. Amy also leads the firm’s location based entertainment practice, advising various clients on strategic opportunities involving theme parks and similar venues, both domestically and abroad.

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