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Most Influential Marketers: Kristan Ginther


West Region Marketing Director

Kristan Ginther is a Regional Marketing Director at RSM US LLP with nearly 20 years of marketing experience. Her distinguished career in marketing, public relations and writing has led her to become an innovative, proactive leader in providing new marketing initiatives to advance corporate strategies. During her time at RSM, she has successfully demonstrated leadership by working with the firm’s executive and sales leadership on lead generation campaigns through various marketing channels to support the firm’s objectives. She is responsible for strategic and marketing planning for the West region and leads a team of five marketers. In particular, Ginther has led the marketing strategy and growth efforts that have helped the Los Angeles office achieve double-digit growth for five years and counting.

Her marketing team members have high respect and regard for Ginther, as she is a leader who possesses integrity, compassion and confidence.

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