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Most Influential Investment Bankers: Kevin T. Burke

Kevin T. Burke

Founder and Managing Partner

Trinity Capital LLC

Specialty or Industry Focus: Restaurant, Franchise, Food & Beverage, Agriculture

Kevin Burke is the founder and managing partner of Trinity Capital, a Los Angeles based investment banking boutique established in July of 2000. Prior to founding Trinity, Burke was executive vice president of Franchise Mortgage Acceptance Company where he was instrumental in developing and broadening the $12 billion national franchise loan securitization market on Wall Street.

Burke’s primary roles at Trinity Capital are driving strategy, leading a team of approximately 20 finance professionals and support staff and maintaining a hands-on role by managing his own clients. The majority of Trinity Capital’s business is serving restaurants and related sectors such as food production and agriculture. Under his leadership, the firm has completed more than $20 billion in mergers and acquisitions, financial restructurings and financing transactions since 2000, and Burke has personally presided over $10 billion in restaurant industry M&A and another $5 billion in financing over the past 25 years.

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